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To Set up an account with Chase Quick Pay its free and easy. Its just like PayPal but free to use instead of all those charges.

Chase has changed their rules for paying with Chase QP. You must complete your order on our CCO website. Adding your co-op membership dues and/or case order. Confirm your order and send it through. I will receive your order via email. At that time, I will send you a "request for payment" from Chase. Follow the directions below if needed, for recipient name, email, and phone number.

When joining the co-op, your first two orders will require you use Chase Quick Pay to establish a transaction between our co-op and yourself. The second payment, just sign into Chase and pay it manually. All our recipient info to send it, should be stored in Chase already. If you have trouble using Chase, you can call Chase (their help link is listed below) or myself. Please continue to read this whole page as there is a lot of useful information if you run into trouble using Chase QP

If you need to make a new Recipient to send money for your purchase with the information below. If you need help, please give me a call or you can call Chase Quick Pay customer service to help you.

Recipient Name : Carnivore Carry Out

Email: carnivorecarryout@yahoo.com

Cell Phone Number: 810-955-6996

Make your payment for your total order plus $10 delivery fee per person. Be honest if more than one person is on the order and add the extra delivery fee please. This only covers my gas to pick the orders up. If there is extra we'll lower the delivery fee the following month.

You must MANUALLY go to Chase Quick Pay site to make your payment. Just clicking on the Chase payment option on your order, does not pay your order.

If your bank is not listed on the Chase Zelle payment option, then use the link to sigh up with ClearXChange via Chase


Any other questions you may have , please give me a call at 810-354-7880 7am-10pm 7 days a week.