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Health Benefits Of Raw Feeding:

Natural food equals natural health and helps provide the essential building blocks of a strong immune system!

After just a few weeks of rawfeeding you will start to see an improvement in their health. After a few months the benefits are incredible and the list of health benefits are endless!! Here’s just some of the benefits I’ve experienced with my four dogs:

  • Enjoys their food and looks forward to meal times with excitement.

  • Helps create a stronger, healthier immune system so more resistant to disease and ill-health – much cheaper vet costs, if any.

  • Shiny healthy coats.

  • Sweet smelling skin (no doggy smell) – I never bath my dogs.

  • Pearly white teeth, healthy gums and sweet breath (no tooth decay, or periodontal disease, therefore no infection on the gums and no bacteria swallowed with every gulp of saliva, this in turns leads to...... reduced chances of heart, kidney and liver disease.)

  • Better concentration with commands and less hyperactive yet more energy.

  • Easier to keep at the right weight.

  • Better muscle tone.

  • Smaller poops.

  • More mental stimulation eating dinner when they have to figure out how to attack it – helps to stop boredom.

  • No parasites (I don't use any flea preventatives, I just occasionally use a neem oil spray instead and my dogs never have fleas, as fleas/ticks like unhealthy bodies) so no need for harmful neurotoxins for flea/tick control.

  • No metabolic problems

  • It's cheaper in the short run if you buy wisely. Or join a Co-Op

  • It’s cheaper in the long run as vet bills are dramatically reduced -

In general dogs that eat raw are more balanced. Even their characters improve. Any raw feeder that has switched from commercial kibble will tell you the difference in their pets health and happiness is amazing. .