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Below is a menu to get you started for the first 8 weeks of Raw Diet.

This menu is to show what bone-in parts and muscle parts can go together to keep your bone to meat ratio in order. You do not have to feed all these parts of each protin. Just pick a bone-in protein and a boneless protein and feed them together. ie: Chicken Thigh & Chicken or Duck neck. Chicken Backs and BRB Breeders Choice or Turkey hearts.
Menu To Start Feeding Raw

WEEK 1-2

MONDAY: Chicken Leg Quarters to start raw diet
TUESDAY: Chicken Gizzards with Chicken Necks
WEDNESDAY: Miscut Chicken Breasts
THURSDAY: Chicken Gizzards with a Chicken Back
FRIDAY: Chicken Thighs and Chicken Gizzards
SATURDAY: Miscut Chicken breasts.
SUNDAY: Chicken Leg Quarters

WEEK 3-4

MONDAY Chicken Thighs or Chicken Miscut Breasts
TUESDAY Turkey Hearts and Chicken Necks (Turkey Hearts are very rich)
WEDNESDAY Chicken Legs Quarters
THURSDAY Turkey Hearts and Chicken necks
FRIDAY Chicken Thighs or Chicken Miscut Breasts
SATURDAY Turkey Hearts and Chicken necks
SUNDAY Chicken Backs and/or Chicken Necks with a very small piece of liver (any kind of liver will do)

WEEK 5-6

MONDAY Chicken Thighs alone or with chicken/duck necks if the dog requires more bone
TUESDAY Chicken Necks or Duck Carcass and BRB Breeders Choice
WEDNESDAY Duck necks/wings and Turkey Hearts
THURSDAY Chicken Backs OR Pork Riblets and BRB Breeder Choice or Tripe
FRIDAY Chicken or Duck necks or Duck wings and BRB Breeders Choice
SATURDAY Pork Riblets And Chicken Gizzards/Turkey Hearts & Liver
SUNDAY Chicken Thighs or Miscut Chicken Breasts And Turkey Hearts (a few)

WEEK 7-8

MONDAY Turkey hearts and Chicken Backs or Necks
TUESDAY Pork Riblets/Duck Wings and BRB Breeder Choice
WEDNESDAY Chicken leg quarters
THURSDAY Pork Riblets and BRB Breeders Choice
FRIDAY Duck Carcass and Turkey Hearts
SATURDAY Chicken Necks/Pork Riblets and Chicken Gizzards/Turkey Hearts & Liver
SUNDAY BRB Breeders Choice OR Tripe Or Pork Trim and Pork Riblets

You can continue to use week 7-8 menu for your dogs monthly as there are 6 different proteins. Adding Pig Snouts, Pigs Feet, Pork Butts, Beef Heart, BRB Quail, Rabbit, Venison, and Duck. Make sure to add Kelp Powder if you are not feeding much protein with Iodine. Also Liver is non-negotiable It must be fed Weekly. Following this menu, you can feed your carnivore at approx $0.80 a pound. Any questions, feel free to call 810-354-7880.