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Duck Heads Maple Leaf Whole Duck Carcass
Duck Heads
Our Price: $1.39
30# Frozen Case
Whole Duck Carcass : Rich meaty bones for your dog or cats diet. The carcass has skin, some fat, meat and bone. Wonderful protein for your raw fed pet.

Duck Wings Duck Feet
Duck Wings
Our Price: $1.60
Duck Feet
Our Price: $2.25
Duck Wings: Bone in . Plenty of meat, skin and bone. About half the size of turkey wings and more than triple the size of chicken wings. Excellent bone in meal for medium to large dogs.
Excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin to manage arthritis and stiff joits in dogs and cats. A joint maintenance for working dogs and a wonderful treat for all dogs/cats.
Duck Liver Duck Necks
Duck Liver
Our Price: $2.49
Duck Necks
Our Price: $2.55
6-5# bags.
Duck Necks: Are soft bone and cartilage, low in Sodium and a good source of Protein and B Vitamins, Calcium and other various minerals. Fresh raw Duck necks also offer excellent levels of amino acids and fatty acids.
Duck Gizzards Duck Hearts
Duck Gizzards
Our Price: $3.00
Duck Hearts
Our Price: $3.45
6-5# bags. These are USDA Prime Duck Gizzards
6-5# bags to a case